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Our Vision: One person in every family trained in the Clear Light Practices for the Dying.
If just one member knows what to do, the whole family can be helped.

When someone you love is dying there is something you can do to help.

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The moment of death is the supreme spiritual opportunity. It is the dawning in the mind of the Clear Light, if only for a snap-of-the-fingers duration. There are very few, however, who know how to meet this opportunity. Even longtime meditators seem agreed that the best assistance they can provide is to meditate silently in the presence of the dying person, not knowing that there is a dynamic process offering profound assistance to the consciousness of the dying person.

The Clear Light Meditation for the Dying is that process. A nonsectarian practice, it prepares the mind of a dying person for moving into an open dimension of radiant clarity. This enormously multiplies the possibility of not only becoming one with the light, but resting there for a longer duration, with inconceivable spiritual implications. The Tibetan Buddhist meditation master Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche declared this teaching a Mind Treasure suitable for this time and for people of all (or no) belief systems. Care and comfort of the dying, palliative care, and end-of-life care are critical issues in our society.

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We warmly urge meditators and non-meditators alike to receive transmission of this practice in order to help their own families. Doctors, nurses, clergy, hospice volunteers, psychologists, social workers, EMT workers, policemen, firemen, military personnel, or anyone who could find themself in a situation with a dying person, can learn to offer nonsectarian assistance on an exquisitely high level.
"I wish to express the gratitude of the entire McCormack family for your assistance at the death of my beloved sister Julie. We were by her side, watching her struggle, not knowing how to be with her and longing for direction and some sense of peace. [The Clear Light Practitioner] generously came to the hospital and led our family through what proved to be one of the most powerful, uplifting and peaceful experiences any of us may ever know. In my estimation the family's strength through subsequent days has been a direct result of that experience. I'm sure you understand how inadequate the words thank you seem under the circumstances."
       - B.J. McCormack, M.D.
The Clear Light Society, a charitable organization assisting the terminally ill and their families, was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1977. Since that time, countless families and their dying loved ones have been helped by the wide range of practices developed and pioneered by Founding Teacher Patricia Shelton.

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"If a loved one is dying, you can learn to help them have a peaceful heart and clear mind."